Altcoin Buzz Spotlight With Shash

#003 Why CARDANO? Investing in CRYPTO LAUNCHPADS? Vent Finance

October 01, 2021 Shashwat Gupta Season 1 Episode 3
Altcoin Buzz Spotlight With Shash
#003 Why CARDANO? Investing in CRYPTO LAUNCHPADS? Vent Finance
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Shash speaks with Lucas Mateu, Co-Founder & COO at Vent Finance to understand why they chose to build on Cardano and why launchpads are still good investment opportunities. They also spoke about Vent Finance and how they are different from other projects.

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What is a Launchpad Business?
How can a Launchpad economy scale?
How do you differentiate yourself from other projects?
What are the projects in your pipeline?
Why Cardano? And why not Solana, BSC or Polkadot?
What do you think about Polkadot, Solana, and Avalanche?
Are you connected with IOHK directly?
How did your Fund Raise go?
How many tokens do I need to participate in the Vent IDOs?
When 100x?
Vent vs DaoMaker
Can you take us through your complete product
Altcoin Buzz's journey
Why the name ‘Vent Finance’?
How can the community get involved?
How does one choose a good launchpad?
Why is Vent Finance coming up with a launchpad in a competitive market?